Reporting road surface defects

One of the best ways of improving the roads for cycling (and others) is to repair potholes and resurface carriageways. There are several on line reporting tools for doing this, but I tend to use, mainly because it has categories for other street based problems, not just road defects. Unfortunately Redbridge Council have blocked reports from FMS, so it cannot be used to report problems to them

I have had some success getting problems sorted out through this avenue, but councils around here do not update the records on Fixmystreet. On request, FMS sends you an e-mail every 4 weeks after the initial report until you tell them the problem is fixed or to stop sending them. The latter is useful if you don’t know when you will be returning to the scene of the problem.

The effect of this lack of updates is a high proportion of reports with “unknown” status, that eventually get archived. FMS does have the facility, though, to enable you to look at all reports in a certain area, which should help cut down on duplication of reporting, but also enable people to update reports that they themselves didn’t make.

I do encourage you to have a look and above all, report problems you encounter.

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